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WoodWatch offers unique wooden sunglasses for men and women, made from sustainable materials and always on trend. Our eco-friendly sunglasses are biodegradable and can be shipped worldwide with CO2 neutral shipping. The best part? We plant 1 tree for every pair of wooden sunglasses sold.

Sustainable wooden sunglasses for you and the planet

When it comes to your style, sunglasses are the ultimate accessory! Why not choose a pair that also supports a greener planet? Shop your new favourite pair of sustainable sunglasses in various fresh designs made from unique, eco-friendly materials. Our elegant sunnies are available for men and women, and are crafted from durable Mazzucchelli bio-acetate and handfinished with natural wood.

Wooden Sunglasses with unique design

Pick the wooden sunglasses that best express your style from our range of models, shapes, colours and designs. Besides being stylish and comfortable, these wooden sunglasses for men and women are truly unique, because every single pair has its own patterns and colours - a beautiful characteristic of natural wood. Choose from a range of wood types, such as real zebrawood, rosewood, or ebony. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind accessory, these are the sunglasses for you.

Protect your eyes in a sustainable way

Durable, sophisticated and naturally protected from the sun. Literally, because our sustainable sunglasses for men and women are made of natural materials. Value your vision and the planet with a durable pair of wood frame sunglasses, specifically designed with the environment and your comfort in mind. Our wooden sunglasses for men and women are handcrafted, lightweight, durable, and come in a sturdy cork case to protect them from damage or loss, wherever you go. Choose from light or dark lenses, offering protection in all sorts of light conditions.

Elegant wooden sunglasses for me

Shop our stylish, sustainable, sunnies made of eco-friendly materials to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, whether you’re travelling, going to work or a special occasion, there’s a matching pair for every person. Choose from a range of designs of wooden sunglasses, from classy black to funky colours in different shapes to fit every face shape. You can never go wrong with treating yourself to a piece of nature!

Stylish wooden sunglasses for women

Let yourself fall in love with our wooden sunglasses for women. Discover our different collections, shapes and designs, designed to accompany you on all your adventures. These unique sunnies are fashionable, chic, and eco-friendly! Our collection of wooden, sustainable sunglasses in a variety of styles that are handmade with sustainability in mind. Find your perfect pair.

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