3 Insights Gained From Travelling The World

Hi Sarah, we are happy to welcome you to the WoodWatch family! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your journey?

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated with photography and capturing moments. At the age of six, I had my own little camera with an analog film, later I used my grandfather's first canon. As social media began to emerge I was happy about a new platform for sharing. Photography offers the opportunity to express yourself and everyone photographs and edits differently. I like that. For my studies in Business Psychology, I moved from a small town in southern Germany in the north to Hamburg and began as an intern in the social media area of a fashion webshop. At this time I also started my blog grossstadtklein where I share what I like. I do not like thinking in niches and do not want to be stuck in any either. Another passion, shaped by my parents, is travelling. I learned to swim in Thailand, and the first time I sat on an elephant was at the age of three. Therefore I try to spend all my free time travelling the world. Nothing influences us more than the exchange with other cultures and people who think differently, in my opinion. 
Having lived around the world, can you give us three new insights that you have picked up?
The first insight that comes to my mind is that our problems are always smaller than we perceive them to be. Travelling and the distance we experience through it is not only physically, but also in our mind. This gives us a great opportunity to reflect on yourself, your life and even your problems. Often the problems just disappear in the end. Another thing, even if it sounds cheesy, is trusting in the universe. Or better said, trust in that everything will work out in the end, even if you have no idea how. I experienced such great serenity abroad in different countries but also from people in my hometown in Germany, and this is something I want to keep feeling. Serenity. The last insight is that my goal to non-stop travel when I was younger has changed, this is not what I strive for anymore. What makes all your memories you collect while being out there precious is taking them back to the place you see as 'home'. In my opinion, what makes traveling worth it is at least coming home with a bag filled with memories. 
Can you tell us about your very own WoodWatch and what you think of it?
When I received my first WoodWatch in Indonesia (thanks for shipping it there!), I was so happy about unpacking it and holding it in my hands. I was surprised how light the watch was and how comfortable it is to wear daily. The design is clean but still striking. I like to try out new things and the WoodWatch is a perfect alternative to the classic watches we see in our daily life. 
What is your motto and purpose as a blogger?
I try not to change and chose wisely what I publish and with whom I work. In my opinion, social media became kind of messy through advertising and it became hard to figure out what someone's real personality was. So I try to show the real me and what I actually like. I'm grateful for the community I have and I love to get in touch with people through my Instagram and my blog. I am most grateful when someone finds something I did or wrote interesting or relevant to their lives. I always say to myself as soon as it feels like a job and not a passion anymore I will quit. I think this is what a successful blog is about, doing it with love. 
Favorite place in the world?
That's a really difficult question. In the end, it's always the feeling you have with being at a certain place and even if I’ve seen amazing landscapes and impressing nature and lovely hidden places. My favorite one is at the harbor in Hamburg, because Hamburg shaped me in so many ways and I like the person I have become through. It is not for nothing that this place is also called 'gate to the world'. ;-) 

Thank you Sarah, for your lovely insights. We will always be following your journey and your blog.

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